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Cancer Camp

The Program is expected to reduce the trauma of treatment in children, to restore their confidence and eliminates the awkwardness in the society to enable them to be brave and courageous in fighting against their illness, and to face a brighter future.

YOAI has been organizing Cancer Camp since 2005 with various theme:

  • 2005: “Arts Appreciation as Psychological Therapy for Childhood Cancer Patient and Survivors” at Pondok Tingal – Borobudur, Magelang
  • 2006: “Kids Cannot Fight Cancer Alone” at Tanah Tingal, Ciputat, Jakarta
  • 2008: “With the Patriotic Spirit, Children with Cancer are Ready to Build a Strong Nation” at SECAPA TNI-AD, Bandung
  • 2010: ” Self Healing” at Sangkan Hurip Resort, Kuningan, Cirebon
  • 2011: “Art and Nature Attack, in Solo
  • 2012: “Be Brave and Be Confident” at Cisarua, Puncak


Several pictures can be seen at our Foto Gallery page

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