Cindys Childhood Takes Two Malignant Cancers


Jakarta - Childhood is the most beautiful period to play. But not for Cindy. At the age of nine, Cindy suffered from two malignant cancers, namely cancer of the leukemia and lymph cancer.

When met at the Jakarta Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) office, Cindy said the incident began in 2005. At first he felt weak, decreased body weight, until fever. The doctor had suspected he had a typhoid.

"But I said there were complaints of shortness of breath. "The doctor did an x-ray and there was a swelling of the heart, so I was referred to a heart hospital," Cindy told, on the sidelines of the February 4 World Cancer Day press briefing on Thursday (31/1).

"It turned out that after being examined it was not a heart disease but a lymph node cancer that enveloped my lungs," he added.

Not yet reconciled with the doctor's verdict that he had lymph cancer, little Cindy had to struggle with other malignant cancers, namely cancer of the leukemia.

"My bone marrow was checked and it was discovered that I also had leukemia," said the woman who is currently studying at the London Scholl of Public Relations (LSPR).

Cindy also focused on treatment. He spent 3.5 years doing chemotherapy at Cipto Mangukusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta. While the next five years he was required to be outpatient.

"Total is 8.5 years. And now I have been declared a survivor, which means that I am back to being like a normal person, "he explained.

Although it has been declared a survivor, the fifth semester student who also acts as a mass communication of the Indonesian Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAI) still has to pay attention to the limits set by the doctor.

"It can't be tired, consult a doctor if there are complaints," Cindy said.

Ciny is grateful, during the treatment his family always supports him. For him, the positive expectations of the closest people become capital for him to recover.

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