Rivaldi Lives One Kidney at the age of nine

Jakarta, - Diseases come with no age. Similarly, it was experienced by Rivaldi, a 14-year-old teenager who had lasted only one kidney for the past five years.

Accompanying Rivaldi during a press briefing at the Ministry of Health in Jakarta on Thursday (1/31), the mother, Aan, recounted her son's struggle against kidney cancer when he was two years old.

At that time in 2007 ago, in Rivaldi's stomach a lump appeared, which grew bigger and longer.

"There is already a tumor in his stomach. Increasingly larger. So I immediately took him to the hospital, "Aan said to

The doctor also sentenced Rivaldi to kidney cancer. Aan claimed to have been shocked and saddened, because he had imagined that he would lose his son.

But Aan chose to be strong. Without delaying time, Aan decided that Rivaldi would immediately be chemotherapy and operated on to remove kidney cancer that was eating away at the child.

"He was marched 10 times before surgery and 10 times after surgery. The operation itself is carried out twice, namely the retrieval operation and the major lifting operation, "he said.

To undergo the treatment period, Rivaldi took up to seven years, before finally being declared cured. And on the sidelines of the treatment process, he is still allowed to go to school by a doctor.

"The operation was finished when in 4th grade. And after recovering, the doctor still didn't allow me to take part in sports, because it shouldn't be too tired, "said this Jakarta Middle School student.

As a survivor, Rivaldi is now living a normal life. He also no longer needed to control the hospital.

Rivaldi is now joining the Indonesian Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAI), she has various opportunities for children throughout Indonesia.

"The key is enthusiasm and sure that cancer can be cured, it can be resisted," closed Rivaldi.

Rivaldi's enthusiasm for fighting cancer for seven years to recover, hopefully will inspire many young cancer fighters.

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