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YOAI started a program called the GOLD RIBBON Program. Gold Ribbon is an official international symbol for children with cancer. Gold is a precious metal, and this symbolizes that children with cancer are very valuable.

  • Gold Ribbon is a symbol of the courage of all the little heroes who are currently fighting childhood cancer.
  • The Gold Ribbon shows our support for all parents and the families of their children who are fighting childhood cancer.
  • The Gold Ribbon acknowledges the battle of each childhood cancer survivor and celebrates their victory.
  • The Gold Ribbon honours the memory of every precious lost of life of Children with Cancer and acknowledges the pain and grief of their parents.

The Gold Ribbon offers six programs consist of:

  • Support of Medical Expenses
  • Organizing Cancer Camp
  • Counseling
  • Develop an Integrated Children Ward
  • Enhancing Public Awareness
  • Foster Relations with National and International Agencies/Institutions

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