Family Supporting Group

FSG consists of individual of women and men from various social backgrounds, education, economics, ethnics, and religion who are ready to work on a voluntary basis.

Criteria for Volunteer:

  1. Have a personal desire to help and able to cooperate.
  2. Have spare time.
  3. Patient, cheerful and open minded.
  4. Capable of initiative and creative.


  • Give support to parents and family, when dealing with the fact that their child has cancer.
  • Help patient of children with cancer, survivors and their family to lighten them in handling their “difficult time” during the medical treatment and psychological problem that may arise.
  • Provide entertainment and encourage the patient of children with cancer who are under treatment and survivors to do some activities such as:
    • Reading stories, drawing.
    • Assist with their school lessons which were left behind during their medical treatment and hospitalization.
    • Give lesson on arts such as Dancing and singing

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