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Cancer Buster Community (CBC) is a Community consists of those who were once affected by cancer when they were children. Now these children have passed their medical treatment and the doctor stated as SURVIVOR as they are all cured. This Community was established on 24th May 2006 under the umbrella of the Indonesian Childhood Cancer Foundation as gratitude for having successfully in their heavy and long medical treatment. CBC would now like to share their experiences with patients of children with cancer as well as society layman.


  • Priesnanda
  • Natarini
  • Saprita
  • (Alm.) Andrew
  • Ario Falah


CBC was founded by a group of teenagers who once had cancer and was cured. Founded on the 24th may 2006, under the umbrella of YOAI or the Indonesian Childhood Cancer Foundation.


  • Provide motivation to children with cancer and their families to the spirit and believe that they can continue to fight to beat cancer.
  • Establish a friendly rope with cancer patients, doctors, and philanthropists.
  • Creating public awareness of cancer in children.


  • Give support to survivors.
  • Give support and spirit of courage to cancer patients
  • Convincing the public that childhood cancer can be cured.

CBC´s Activities

  • Once a week visit the hospital to give support and encourage the cancer patients to be brave
  • Campaigning on cancer at hospitals, schools, campus and companies as well.
  • Organized a charity day or fund raising to be given to children with cancer in need.
  • Conducting an arts events or choir, theater by members for public to raise awareness on cancer.

Published a story book entitled “Stories of Survivor´s Struggle”, the containing various stories from survivors.

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