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Q: Can childhood cancers be cured?

A: Childhood cancer is different from adult cancer. Childre are still in the growth process, so the chances of recovery are more likely.


Q: How is the treatment?

A: Treatment can be through various means such as, operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or a combination of all three. Sometimes if necessary bone marrow transplantation is needed.


Q: Are all tumors or lumps cancers?

A: No. Tumors can be benign or malignant. Malignant tumors are cancer.


Q: Is childhood cancer a hereditary?

A: No. Childhood cancers happen spontaneously and the exact cause is still unknown.


Q: Why are patient of children with cancer always have bald head?

A: Baldness are temporary. Cancer patients lose their hair due to side effects of chemotherapy. Hair will grow back after treatment.


Q: Is cancer contagious?

A: No. Cancer cannot spread from one child to another. Children with cancer are patients with low immunity and are prone to infection.


Q: What foods should be avoided to prevent the occurrence of childhood cancer?

A: Childhood cancer cannot be prevented, not even expected to be. It is like a destiny. It is best to avoid giving preserved foods and foods using artificial color.


Q: Do YOAI only assist medical treatment expenses?

A: No. Besides assisting with medical treatment expenses YOAI also give psychological help. YOAI is aware if a child is diagnosed with cancer, not only the cancer patient is effected, but the entire family as well.


Q: What kind of psychological treatment help does YOAI give?

A: Due to the effects of the treatment to the patient is worse than the illness itself, we help to overcome their fear, anxiety, loneliness and boredom in the hospital with a psychologist. And YOAI provides facilities tailored to the needs of cancer patients, such as a library, games, play room, internet facilities and counseling room. For the families, we have a group called the Family Supporting Group, they help cope by accompanying them and give counseling from the parents who once have children with cancer.


Q: What should be done when there are people who have cancer but cannot afford or poor?

A: Currently the Government provides facility such as insurance for poor families, called Jamkesmas. In addition, the Provincial government through the Department of Health also provides the same facilities with different names, ie SKTM / GAKIN. YOAI will finance what is not covered by the Government. The requirement is only for the poor families to fill in the request application form and submit it to YOAI after all requirements are completed.

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